Big Hello!

Hi I'm Wendy!

I'm an accredited practicing dietitian in training, currently completing my honours year at  the University of Sydney in a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) course. As a final year student I am still finding my feet in the big world of nutrition, trying to discover what area I would like to work in and honing my skills as a future dietitian. 

In this blog I hope to share with you my experiences as a dietitian and hope you can learn something valuable from here as well. There is a lot of nutrition information out there and it's hard to dissect what is based on science and what is not. Here I hope to dispel some nutrition myths, examine the newest diet book and bring you the latest in dietetics news and research.

It's easy reading information off the Internet but really understanding it and knowing how to put advice into practice is where many people fail. I hope to also share with you recipes, restaurant ideas and tips on how to change your eating behaviour.

I want to make nutrition FUN and EASY for everyone! Small sustainable changes are the ones that make the biggest impact in the long run and that's the kind of changes I want to inspire people to take away from this blog!



Kebu said...

Ooh ooh! You should do a post on healthy winter warmers!! :)

(As well as things I can eat the first week after getting wisdom teeth removed, having stiches... >_<)

~ Jennyeful's Life ~ said...

you really angel w big heart! Seldom see a actually healthy blog like this... keep it up!

Wendy said...

Kebu: I will post those sooooooon I think I will do a soup recipe in the coming weeks hopefully though I think your wisdom teeth would be healed by then.

jennyeful's Life: thank you so much!! <33

The PERKii Playground said...

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I make every effort to ensure information on Nutrition with Wendy is correct and up to date however nutrition is an evolving field and discrepancies can arise. If the information here appears incorrect or out of date please let me know and I will do my best to update my posts.